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Tonight i am going to talk about. Can you really find love in a club or pub. I am 27 years old my clubbing days are well behind me. Many men on a night out will buy you a drink. But for fear of been date raped i usually decline. I observed a situation a while back of a girl on a night out. She was all dressed up and headed to the bar. She didnt have much drink down. She seemed quite sober. She seemed to be waiting for friends as she checked her phone several times. I saw a group of lads make bets and i could hear them say “ i bet i can kiss her first?”

So one guy approached her she turned him down. Second guy approached her she turned him down. Third guy had a different tactic completely. He went to the other end of the bar and called the bar tender. Asked him for a cosmopolitan. ( what women would not turn down a cosmopolitan). I saw him put a sort of pill into it and stir it with a straw. He called the bar tender over and pointed to the young women at the bar. The bar tender brought it to her and showed her who it was from. She accepted and lend in looked at him and drank it holding his stare. Had i just witnessed a guy drug a young women ? After about 10mins no sign of her friends but she was really really tipsy.The guy had made his way to her and pulled a stool up beside her. At first they chatted and then i saw him put his hand on her upper thigh just where her dress stopped. She was shocked and didnt really know what to do. She in some sense froze. She made an excuse to go to the bathroom. When she left i saw him order another drink for “her”. And do the exact same thing with the little pill. He watched it melt and smiled to himself. She came back and could not believe he had bought her another drink. He said “ lets see who can chug the fastest?” She agreed and downed the drink before him. I saw after about five minutes of chugging the drink. The girl began to pass out He smiled to himself. He knew he had her drugged.

He got the kiss but was it worth what happened to the girl later that night ??

Come back for part 2

This is fictional

By lala ⭐️

Why is it so hard to find love ?

As you are all aware we are in lockdown. Its time that can make you feel very lonely as a single person. I have tried all dating websites. Most of the men only want hook ups ? This i have yet to figure out i am 27 and single. I just want to meet someone who accepts me for me.

You can start chatting with someone and just as you think all is going well. You exchange numbers and chatting away and you get that picture. All us women dread the d**k picture. Honestly i don’t understand why men think it’s acceptable to send these?

Does it make a man feel more macho i don’t know?

Ladies if you are getting these pictures from a man walk away. Don’t give him any attention. Cos he will want more trust me.

But what i do know is from a women’s prospective don’t do it. Leave something-to our imagination please. We don’t care about those pictures.

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